Back in 2011, I sat on a couch across from Erica and Logan Crawford as they described their vision to create Lil Love Apparel, “the brand with a deeper meaning.”  What does that mean?  Every single t-shirt tells a story.  Erica and Logan work with a tattoo artist to create intricate designs with the intention to create conversation.  The ultimate foundation of Lil Love is for the t-shirts to project an idea or belief of inner faith to the world.  This couple rallied together to follow a path that God set in front of them.  Now, 5 years later, the Crawford’s have rejuvenated their company, and are spreading their messages of positivity through their shirt designs and inspiring the community with their love for encouraging people.

9c49f5a4-cc91-4f36-bec2-babf4e341d7dWearing Luv Ur Cuz

I am so thankful to know Erica and Logan, and I have been honored to be part of the beginning stages of Lil Love.  It is exciting to watch two people be so on fire for an idea that God has placed in front of them.  When I wear the shirts created by these two, and know the meaning behind them, I am encouraged and inspired throughout the day.  Along with being a positive message, these shirts are extremely comfortable and versatile.  I can go from a casual day running errands to an evening out with friends, or even dress them up for a classic look at work.


Due to Logan’s involvement in the BMX world, these shirts are already very popular with BMX riders.  The couple originally began selling their shirts at races, and sponsoring young athletes with jerseys.  Their goal now is to make these shirts a staple piece in the closets of individuals who want to spread a positive message.  All while looking stylish, and feeling fabulous. Go check out Lil Love Apparel and find the shirt whose message speaks to you.  Feel free to let Erica and Logan know what you think of their brand, and don’t forget to spread a Lil Love wherever you go.

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