Live your Purpose


Is there something that you have felt so passionate about that it fires up your spirit?  Something that just clicks or makes sense?  Maybe you’ve found a passion that becomes your purpose in life.  I think we are all searching for that one thing that gives our life a purpose.  Personally, I desire to be able to wake up in the morning and feel so passionate about what I am doing, whether that is work or an extracurricular activity, that I can take on the day with a full spirit.  I’ve watched a lot of people discover what they are passionate about, but few people actually take the leap to try to turn those passions into a reality.  A rather common piece of advice is to follow your brain, not your heart.  I find the opposite of that to be true.  The heart is the center of your passions, it holds the key to what will set a fire within your spirit and lead you to your purpose.  You hold the key to unlocking these passions within you.  That’s the funny thing about passions.  We all have them.  Whether or not we actively try to discover them is up to us.

I saw this t-shirt design almost 6 years ago.  When Erica and Logan Crawford described to me this idea for a company that they felt driven to create.  I got to see two people who I look up to, and consider good friends fully of a joy that I hadn’t ever quite seen before.  Over the years I have watched these two branch out and follow their passions to create a company driven by a Spirit that can only be found in a relationship with Christ.  This shirt represents the original creation of Lil Love Apparel, an idea that has blossomed into a reality for this couple who chose not to ignore the nagging voice in their hearts leading them to fulfilling a passion they might never have explored had they ignored their hearts.

I’m inspired, not only by this design, but by this company as a whole.  Watching two people create a company from the ground up is not something I take for granted.  I have been lucky enough to watch my friends’ dreams turn into a reality.  I’ve been inspired to keep my heart open to finding my own passions.  I want to be able to wake up one day loving what I do.  I want to be proud of whatever I have managed to accomplish as a result of my passion(s).  This shirt is more than just an intricate design.  It reminds me each time I see it of the ability to turn a dream or passion into something tangible.  This design has become a symbol for me to remember to allow myself to be driven by the Spirit of God in finding what it is I am meant to do with my time on this earth.


Lil Love Apparel was not created simply by a couple just deciding one day they wanted to create a clothing brand.  It was created because a seed of passion was planted, and these two individuals chose to pray about their idea.  They chose to use the Spirit as a way to bring positive messages to people through intricate designs that come together with a deeply spiritual meaning.  I am constantly reminded in my conversations with Erica and Logan that they have found a way to spread a message in a uniquely spiritual way.  The path to finding your passion is not always going to be an easy one.  Trying something new is always frightening at first.  I like to think that the only experiences in life that truly affect you and have deep meaning are the scary ones.  Nothing easy was every really worth it.

Like what you see?  Check out for other great designs, and to pick up your own reminder to follow your heart in order to unlock your passions.  Is there something that you are truly passionate about?  Share it with us in the comments below.  Don’t forget to check out Lil Love on Facebook .


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