West Coast Wonderland


I grew up on the East Coast, but I had never skied before.  My first ski trip was not until after I had moved to Southern California which seems a bit silly, but who am I to complain?  The ski trip was a spontaneous idea from my dad after a decent snowfall in the mountains.  So my mom dutifully got on the computer and began searching for the perfect place to enjoy our next family adventure.  We ended up staying at the Sleepy Hollow Cabins and Hotel in Crestline, CA.  Crestline was about an hour and a half from LA making it the perfect weekend getaway.  Our first stay at Sleepy Hollow was in 2013, I was 19 and desperate for a new adventure.

Driving up to the mountains brought to light a side of California I had never experienced before.  I had never imagined that a snow filled town existed in my sunny, constantly 75 degree environment.  My family and I spent our first afternoon walking around the small town, exploring the little shops that lined the street.  We had spent a lot of time in small towns growing up, but this was so different from what we had experienced in California that we were enamored.  The evening was spent in front of a wood burning fire place for the first time in years.  I would love nothing more than to be able to sit by the fire surrounded by my family forever.

My favorite part of our small vacation was the lack of electronic devices.  We were forced to spend quality time together, going to family owned restaurants for dinner, and sitting around the common area watching movies to end our evenings.  The skiing part was pretty cool too though 😉 my parents had grown up skiing, so the logical decision was that my dad would teach my sister and me.  The man who hadn’t been skiing in approximately 30 years began instructing us as soon as the skis were on our feet.  When we had gotten a crash course, we were up the mountain and he deemed us ready to try our luck.

Let’s just say that the first time down involved more yelling from him than actual technique or even success.  Apparently heading for the trees is wrong.  Who would have imagined?  My first ski attempt was only slightly better than terrible.  I ended the day falling and hitting the back of my head with my skis, according to dad and little sis it was hilarious and impressive that my body bent that much.  While I was not quite the skier I had hoped to be by the end of the trip, I was hooked on a new activity.  I could not wait to begin planning for the next year.

The following year did not bring the snow we had hoped for.  Our family ski trip was placed on hold but I was not deterred.  I was slacklining and rock climbing a lot in my free time which was improving my balance and body control.  Both of these are imperative when skiing.  The start of 2015 brought decent snow and another trip to Sleepy Hollow Cabins in Crestline.  Our newly renovated cabin came with a stone fireplace that was burning before we had even unpacked.

Year two of skiing proved to be much better than my first try.  There were no tumbles down the mountain and by the last run I was feeling confident in my ability.  The snow, once again, brought family bonding and the enjoyment of a sport we could all do together.  My dad and I were discussing different paths to try next time, my sister and compared ability, and my mom and I discussed next trips fashion so we could look fabulous on and off the slopes.

Explore your own backyard, you might be surprised by what you find.  Take a trip somewhere nearby, spend time with your loved ones.  See local sights and support the local businesses.  Learn about the best places to eat and try something new.  Travelling does not have to be out of the country or expensive.  Expose yourself to somewhere new even if you just go outside your town.  Every place has its own culture.  Open yourself up to the ones that surround you, ones you may never have thought about or experienced before.


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