The Internet does not Make you “Anon”

This age of digital communication gives us a sense of invincibility.  We are connected, and powerful the second we pull of a website, app, or social page.  This is a great concept.  The digital age has allowed people to connect with one another all over the world.  It helps for friendships, common interests, and seems …

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Social Worth VS Self Worth

It has come to my attention, yet again, that social media is being blamed for an individual feeling lesser about themselves.  Social media is placed in the middle of a constant blame game for self-hate, and people’s inability to maturely handle social platforms.  I constantly hear the argument that Instagram users who have a large …

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Fitness Does (not) have to be Boring: Rock Climbing

I love the feeling of stretching my limits.  I thrive off of challenging myself to be better, stronger, and more flexible.  After I stopped dancing, I was afraid I would never feel adrenaline like that pump through my veins again.  Then I discovered climbing.  The challenge it offered was completely new to me.  It is …

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