An Art Show in Asheboro

In the middle of farms, sprawling fields, John Deere dealers, and small town churches there is a place where everyone knows my name.

For the first time in 10 years I am back on the East Coast, with that comes the opportunity to spend more time with family and close friends.  This past weekend I went to Asheboro, NC where Lenton Slack, my uncle, held his annual art show.


Amid a canopy of trees, sits his wooden house with a tin roof.  The design is just as full of personality as Lenton is, and serves as the perfect gallery setting for his vast array of awe inspiring paintings.  My favorite works are done in water colors, usually beautiful florals and landscapes I could never have even dreamed up.  Paintings sit everywhere during this gallery show, nailed to trees, sitting upon decorative easels, and lining the wooden side of the house for patrons to enjoy as they sip on hot cider.

It’s opportunities like these that remind me that home is not a place, but the people you are lucky enough to share life with.



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