Is there something that you think about at least once every 60 minutes every single day of the year?  If the answer is yes, then is it something that positively impacts your day?  That’s the idea behind the design 60-365 by Lil Love Apparel.  Taken from John Burke’s book Soul Revolution which encourages people to connect with God every 60 minutes for 60 days, this design was created as an extension of Burke’s experiment.  What positivity could we bring to ourselves, and those around us if we connected with God every 60 minutes 365 days a year.


With Easter fast approaching, I personally like to view this time of year as a sort of Christian New Year.  I set faith based goals in order to grow in my personal relationship with Christ during Easter, because that was when He came back cleansing us all of our sins.  Each Easter we have the opportunity to remember the sacrifice that was made for us, and start fresh with the goal of glorifying God in mind.  When I put this shirt on, it is hard for my thoughts to wander anywhere but in a positive direction.


If you’re not a believer in Christ, then the message behind this shirt could be viewed in a different light.  Focus on a positive thought every 60 minutes for 365 days a year.  See how that turns your life around.  Even if you are already a positive individual, make it a truly focused effort.  Work on finding positivity even in the most adverse situations.  God’s focus was to create lasting relationships with people, not force a message of fear down their throats.  This shirt exemplifies a message of connection, relationship, and positivity.


Aside from the great message behind this shirt, I must admit that I am obsessed with the bright, spring color.  I want to wear it everyday simply because the colors incorporated into the shirt make me happy.  The bright design pops with anything I wear, and it stands out in the best way.  This shirt is also the only one that comes in a different color and design for guys that opts for the coolest storm look.


Let’s take a challenge this Easter and make a choice to connect with God, or have a positive thought every 60 minutes 365 days this year.  Join me in making an Easter goal, let me know yours in the comments below!

If you love this shirt as much as I do, drop by www.lilloveapparel.com and start shopping!


If you love this shirt as much as I do, drop by http://www.lilloveapparel.com and start shopping!



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