Fitness Does (not) have to be Boring: Yoga


‘How far can my body stretch and bend?’  I ask myself this question each time I step onto my yoga mat or into the sand for a beach session.  My mind is constantly at work to make sense of the different poses I want to try.  Thinking through a new pose is almost as fun as implementing it.  Thoughts swirl through my mind trying to run through stretches and core muscle exercises that might help my success in a pose.  Starting from basics has been my mantra from the moment I began practicing yoga.  With a gymnastics and dance background, I find myself being able to break down a pose to the most basic element and work up from that point.

I have only been practicing yoga for a few months, I was inspired on Instagram by bailyactive , fitwithgeorgie , and healthyxjess.  These ladies are self-taught yogi’s who inspire strength, health, and personal happiness.  Discovering yoga has also led me to focusing on the positive, I have found myself opening up to new activities and experiences.  Yoga has led me on a personal journey as well as a fitness journey.  Discovering yourself is part of the fitness journey, yoga has led me to a deeper understanding of my body and myself.  Yoga takes core strength, but also mental strength.  One must find it within their mind to stretch and push their bodies to new limits.

Fear is a personal obstacle that keeps me from attempting many things.  I psych myself out before I get to experience something new.  Yoga has begun to teach me to get out of my own head and trust that my body will support me and if it doesn’t, the floor isn’t that far away.  Give yoga a try, learn your body, focus on trusting yourself, and take time to learn something new.


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